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Easy Fit EMS fitness studio celebrates 3 years of Electro Muscle Stimulation workouts in Dubai! Easy Fit has been serving the community in Dubai by helping many people achieve a healthy lifestyle, reaching their fitness and life goals.


The reason to our success is that we’re constantly making Easy Fit UAE more than just a training gym. Easy Fit became much, much more than that, as many of our customers call it their second home.

“I also love Easy Fit EMS studio because of the professional personal trainers, the nice and happy atmosphere and because I always get a good vibe when walking inside the studio,” says Sarah.

Our many successful stories come from the dedication and heart that our EMS trainers invest in our clients, by constantly staying connected with them, offering advanced, challenging training exercises, everyday pointers and healthy diet plans. All these, properly customized, in order to meet individual fitness goals, for busy men and women, moms and dads, those who are recovering from injuries and professional athletes.

Every EMS workout delivers a full-body workout in just 20 minutes, proving itself not only time saving, but highly efficient. Our training offers dozens of amazing benefits such as relieving back painlosing weight fasterreducing cellulite and inchestoning musclesimproving physical condition.

“From all personal training programs, EMS fitness training is a great solution for back pain and for faster weight loss. Those were my main objectives when I started going to EMS studio in Dubai Easy Fit.

After 5 months, my target was fulfilled: I’ve lost weight (21,8 kg), my back pain was gone and I’ve also increased muscle mass,” explains Ahmed.

So we invite you to come to our EMS fitness studio and try our great, customized and convenient EMS workout and make it part of your lifestyle to live a healthy and happy life:




Sessions can also be conveniently booked online here.