EMS Workout Results – Before and After

Is EMS training effective? Does EMS training really work? It sure does! Check out these amazing EMS workout results:

ems weight loss review

Mehdi – 60 kg in 12 months

Since starting EMS training, 1 year ago, the results have spoken for themselves. I have lost a lot of weight with EMS training – 60 kg, in conjunction with some running. I had to go shopping and buy new suits since I dropped 4 sizes!!

Easy Fit staff is very professional and friendly, and the one on one trainings really suits me to a tee. I am a very busy person, and to be ‘over and done’ in under half an hour and shoot off back to work fits beautifully into my busy lifestyle.

I can happily recommend Easy Fit to all, it’s the best workout for losing weight!

Ashraf – 13,1 kg in 14 sessions

This is the best fitness program for busy people. I’m happy I’ve signed up for this effective 20-minute workout. Now I’m in a much, much better shape.

I’ve lost a lot of weight with EMS training – 13,1 kg in 14 sessions… all this while actually working out for about 5 hours!

ems workout before and after
ems workout results

Nour – 9 kg in 12 sessions

EMS workout really works out! Irregular food habits and stress messed up with my physique, but with the help of Easy Fit EMS studio in Dubai I’ve lost 9 kg in 12 sessions, even if I still eat some sweets… 🙂

Mohammed Saqan – Back pain officially gone!

I have a sedentary and stressful lifestyle, and I had some really ugly back pains.

I found out about Easy Fit EMS gym and EMS training benefits regarding lower back pain, so I wanted to give it a try.

After about 4 months of one 20 minute workout per week, my back pain is officially gone.

So, yes, it’s true, EMS training for back pain has great results!!

ems workout back pain relief

Stephanie – 7.1 kg in 12 sessions

Electro Muscle Stimulation training is great for weight loss, I’m very pleased with the results: I’ve lost 7.1 kgs after 12 sessions, I’m in a much better shape and I’ve reduced a lot of belly fat with EMS exercise.


I am a professional athlete, and I chose EMS fitness training mainly because in a 20 minute workout I can achieve much more than from a regular workout at the gym. Easy Fit EMS gym is a great solution for more strength, more power, to increase my stamina and to shape up even more.

Usain Bolt

I’m an eight-time Olympic gold medalist at three consecutive Olympic Games and I’m using EMS training for muscle strength and also for speed and power increase.

Ahmed – 21,8 kg in 5 months

From all personal training programs, EMS fitness training is a great solution for back pain and for faster weight loss.

Those were my main objectives when I started going to EMS studio in Dubai Easy Fit.

After 5 months, my target was fulfilled: I’ve lost weight (21,8 kg), my back pain was gone and I’ve also increased muscle mass.

how to get in shape faster after pregnancy with EMS fitness

Please do yourselves a favour and start your fitness program along with Easy Fit personal trainers. You can do it! There’s a great team of professional personal trainers waiting to be the answer you’ve been looking for. Get started now, and you can also enjoy the benefits of EMS training, that will get the job done, and will deliver the results that you need!

Maddie – 16 kg in 6 months after pregnancy

Nothing like a Sunday morning at Easy Fit fitness studio in Dubai to get the body into shape with EMS exercise. LOVE IT!

I’ve tried all forms of training but the best that worked for me and got me moving is Easy Fit EMS training! I hate gyms, it’s evil. But that’s me. For everyone out there who feels the same, Easy Fit is the way forward. 20 minutes once a week, one outfit, one on one training. I’ve lost 16 kg in 6 months. Moreover, I actually got flat abs, so I really think this is the best post pregnancy workout 🙂

I have started after 2 months of giving birth and I was amazed about what this training can do! I felt the training right after the first session, and 4 sessions later I could see the first changes. There are no words to describe the happiness I’ve felt!


Sami – 25 kg in 8 months

I’ve not only managed to lose weight faster with EMS fitness, but I also started a healthy lifestyle with the guidance of Easy Fit.

I joined Easy Fit in June 2017 and ’ve been training with Andrew, he guided me through a proper diet plan during EMS fitness sessions.

Now, 8 months after, I can tell that I am really happy that I lost 25 kg until now. Thank you Easy Fit for your support and guidance!


It is hard to run from the disappointing image that is your reflection and I decided to make a change. This major change in my life is Easy Fit. In 3 months, I have lost 16 kgs and my self-esteem has increased.

I recommend Easy Fit to anyone who wants to make a change in their lives! I am very happy to be in the family that is Easy Fit Dubai.

Firas – 16 kg in 3 months

When I joined Easy Fit my weight was 96.5 kg and I had a big plan, to get to 85 kg in 3 months. I started the EMS training and I was aiming to achieve those 85 kg. The good guidance of my personal trainer, and the motivation that I got, helped me in the process. I reached my target in 10 weeks. I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. In another 2 weeks, I reached 82.5 kg. The results are speaking by themselves. 20 minutes workout routine is perfect into my business schedule and EMS training for losing weight faster is truly effective.

I do realize that seeing results session after session is what pushed me to go further and further. I became more addicted to my lifestyle, it completely changed the way I look at food, I became more ‘picky’ when it comes to choosing what I should eat.

When I think back now that it was only 4 months ago when I looked – and I mean TRULY looked – at myself in the mirror, I was scared.


Sarah – 20 kg in 18 weeks

I couldn’t do it without the guidance of my personal trainer! At the beginning, I was a bit skeptic about it, but after the first training, I felt comfortable to come weekly to my Easy Fit training.

What impressed me the most about EMS training was the after-training feeling: you usually feel it right when you finish, let’s say like a good gym workout, but with Easy Fit.
I also have this feeling after, the second and the third day, I mean I actually feel how my body is burning more calories during the week! The EMS training gives me more energy, and I’m feeling stronger than ever before!

I also love Easy Fit EMS studio because of the professional personal trainers, the nice and happy atmosphere and because I always get a good vibe when walking inside the studio!

I was looking to get fast results and lose weight faster, but because of my job, my time was and is limited. Finally, I found the perfect workout to lose weight and tone – Easy Fit!
Now, every day of the week, I’m eager to have my ‘Tuesday workout’.


I was one of those people who never managed to stick to any exercise regime. So many excuses: I got bored, I didn’t have the time etc. But the guys from Easy Fit have changed my view on exercising and in a matter of 4 months, my body has been transformed.

The fact that every client gets a tailored made programme, that you can schedule sessions at times that fit into your schedule and the personal attention to detail by NAV and his amazing team, all contribute to a regime that is easy to follow and maintain. It’s unbelievable how 20 minutes, once a week, can have such a positive impact on our body and mood.

I will recommend Easy Fit to ANYONE and EVERYONE. I am a changed woman. Thank you.


I am very pleased with my EMS fitness result: almost 6 kg down and improved posture. Thank you Easy Fit team and special thanks to my personal trainer.

30 day EMS Training Result

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