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Boost your health to enjoy a better quality of your life with EMS fitness training

As we age, our metabolism starts slowing down and our muscle mass starts decreasing. Unfortunately, loss of muscle mass combined with sedentary lifestyle can have bad consequences, such as decreased mobility and degenerative diseases. This is why older people (like people of all ages) should be active and do physical activities, especially strength training.

But doing more physical activity doesn’t feel quite right when your joints hurt more than when you were younger… No worries, EMS fitness training at Easy Fit UAE is the perfect solution to stay in shape as you age, because it doesn’t require large weight loads on your joints and body! Moreover, our trainings are properly customized for each individual by our experienced personal trainers. Your personal coach will be in charge of your body assessments, BMI tests and diet plans, making sure you’ll stay on the right track to achieve your goals and see the results you desire.


Over the years, EMS workout proved to be a highly effective workout for the elderly, helping men and women achieve a more agile, strong and healthy body. There are many benefits of EMS workout, such as:

  • – More toning and shaping – older people tend to gain weight because of lack of exercise, but EMS exercise helps to lose weight faster within a personalized training;
  • – Boosting your Metabolism – did you know that you can burn 800 kcal per session — 20 minute workout?
  • – No more joint pain and injuries – achieve muscle strengthening without high impact or pressure on the joints as in conventional weight training;
  • – Increased balance and coordination capacity – flexibility is a quality that deteriorates over time if you don’t keep practicing;
  • – Better blood circulation for your whole body and activating the nerve system.


A year-long research included the participation of 2 groups of women and men with average age 65. Each group performed 20-minute EMS training for 14 weeks.

The first study implied 30 postmenopausal women, with average age of 65 (± 5 years). After 14 weeks of one 20-minute EMS training session/week, the participants noticed many positive effects. Main results included reduced body fat and increased power and strength.

The second group that included 28 males of 65-75 years old also had many remarkable results — increased muscle masselevated strength and power and reduced body fat and waist circumference.

To sum it up, there are many great benefits of EMS fitness training for older people! Don’t let your age become an obstacle and stop you from exercising. We strongly encourage you to come to our EMS gym Easy Fit and start training for a healthy lifestyle! No matter your age, we’re waiting for you at our EMS fitness studios in Dubai!