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We are all different and so are our bodies. Age, gender, body size, body temperature, activity level and genes — all these play a role in the speed of our metabolism. But what is metabolism in simple words and how can you change it? Read this article and see which are 3 proven ways to increase your metabolism to reach your weight loss goals faster.


Metabolism is the rate at which your body breaks down the food and converts it into energy. So, depending on how you metabolize your food, it can be either slow or fast. Storing what you consume is because of a slow metabolism, but for sure we don’t want to store “energy” because fat is actually stored energy. The explanation is simple — your body wasn’t able to consume all the energy from the food you provided or it was “keeping it for later”.


Maybe you’ve already heard about BMR, that is actually one of the keys for the metabolism. BMR means how many calories you need to basically live, without adding walking, sport, vacuuming or whatever you do daily in your house.


So BMR is an easy calculation to find out the total number of calories your body needs to perform life-sustaining functions (breathing, digesting, circulation, protein synthesis etc.). Here is the tried Harris-Benedict Equation:

Women: BMR = 447.593 + (9.247 x your weight in kg) + (3.098 x your height in cm) – (4.330 x your age)

Men: BMR = 88.362 + (13.397 x your weight in kilograms) + (4.799 x your height in cm) – (5.677 x age)

That’s burned just keep you alive! So, is important for us to know our BMR just as we know that reaching your fitness goals with Easy Fit EMS fitness will be faster. Am I burning 2000 kcal, or 1400 kcal? (as much as a McDonalds meal contains )

So here are 3 simple and efficient ways to help your metabolism burn more, that helped all our clients to reduce fat:


Now we know our BMR, the number of calories that we have to eat for our body to function. If you want to lose weight without any exercise you need to eat less than this number. So, for example, if your BMR is 2000, you will need to eat 1500 in order to lose weight. As simple as that — eat less calories than your body needs to function. We also recommend splitting this number through the meals of the day — 3 main meals of 400 calories and 2 snacks (each one has to have 150 calories). However, you will burn more calories doing an EMS workout, thus you will lose weight faster.


Stop eating one meal/day! We are all busy and we all are in rush, but we actually need to eat to lose weight. Even if you are at the office, bring a healthy snack or a packed meal from home or your body will say “hello, fine, you don’t give me food – no problem – i will store what you gave me until now and slow down the metabolism and start to conserve”. I’m sure you don’t want your body to burn calories more slowly and store more fat cells. 🙂 Ideally, we should eat several small meals or snacks about 3 or 4 hours apart.


A pound of muscle uses 50 grams of calories a day. So, if you have more lean muscle you will burn more calories through the day. Here comes EMS training for weight loss, that will help you activate and contract your muscles using external impulses. The result? Building more muscles & losing weight — muscle burns more calories than fat, so increasing your muscle mass will help you lose weight. In fact, even when you’re at rest, your body will constantly burn more calories if you do EMS workouts!

Follow these easy 3 steps and your body will become a calorie burner machine and weight loss and weight maintenance will be a lot more easier!