EMS Fitness uses Electro muscle stimulation to achieve stronger and more intense muscle contractions than a voluntary exertion can achieve alone. Depending on intensity and individual goals, you can build muscles and achieve better definition while also making them stronger and more responsive. Your muscles simply become more efficient. With Easy Fit EMS Dubai we are working more than 90% from our muscles, compared with the gym where the muscle is working just 30%.


Body Toning

It pays to remember that even a fast metabolism or strict diet will not give you a perfectly toned body. Another important reason for building muscle, particularly with the assistance of EMS training, is that body sculpting, or toning your muscles gives you a much more aesthetically pleasing appearance. Losing body fat is only half the equation. EMS Easy fit training can totally tone your body, giving you beautifully toned triceps, a flat stomach, firm thighs and lifted bottom, and a toned chest & upper body. Your body will be taught, more streamlined and your clothes will fit (or hang) entirely differently on your body!

Proven Statistics from Scientific Studies

  • 89% of subjects felt they were significantly tighter, stronger and more stable through training
  • 87% reported significant visible effects in body shape
  • on average, women reduced the hip size by 1.5 cm
  • EMS training reduced body fat by up to 4% within six weeks
  • men reduced their waistlines by up to 2.3 cm, along with a muscle gain of 1 to 2 cm on legs, chest & upper arms
  • athletes received muscle gains of an overall 4 cm (significantly higher than conventional workouts)
  • seniors over the age of 65 reduced their body fat by approximately 6%

Our results and studies say it all, in just 20 minutes per week, after only 90 days you can achieve:

  • 9% bodyfat lose
  • 30% Increase strength
  • 34% Increase Muscle endurance
  • 92% from muscles are working
  • 88% from the users had no more back pain
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