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“I know it’s hard, I’ve been through this, and not only once…

Hi to all amazing women who gave birth! My name is Maddie, and here’s my amazing experience with Easy Fit EMS training studio. Thanks Easy Fit for inviting me to share with you my true story on how I got in shape faster after pregnancy with EMS trainings!

First of all, getting back in shape after having a baby doesn’t have to be stressful. In fact, exercising will make you feel so good! If you delivered normally, you can start doing exercises after 6 weeks, in case of c-section, you can start exercising after 8 weeks. I truly advise you to ask your doctor about this, because this depends on the way your body is recovering.

For me, I started slowly after 4 weeks with easy exercises. But, my problem is that I don’t have time. My two babies are taking all from me!

So, I was searching for a solution that will help me get back in shape fast. And I found EasyFit. They are specialized in EMS training for weight loss with european and arab qualified trainers.
This type of training will take from your precious time only 20 minutes per week. It’s really intense, that’s why you need only one training/week. And one session of EMS is equivalent with 3-4 hours in the normal gym! Wow!

Of course, if you can make it to go at the ‘normal’ gym too, it will be good for you, but for me this is way too much… So, I started my EMS training sessions at Easyfit, having Denisa as my personal trainer.

The results after few sessions were more than I expected, for sure the first weeks were hard. My muscles were so sore, that I barely sit … but in a good way! I was so happy to feel each part of my body working again!

My weight loss journey was so much easier than I expected. I’ve lost in the first three months 13 kg, and then i started using EMS training for building muscles for a nicer shape. My personal trainer helped me a lot and found the answers to all the questions I ever had.
So, in 6 months I lost 16 kg and got back in shape after pregnancy, faster than I expected!!

EMS training is for me the future of the fitness: great results in short time! Thank you so much Easyfit, thank you Denisa, my EMS personal trainer! ”

– Maddie