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There’s nothing like the sense of satisfaction after a great EMS workout at Easy Fit! But, after starting training with electro muscle-stimulation, you might expect some muscle soreness within 24 to 48 hours after the workout.

Yes, we know, muscle soreness is painful, is not something you desire for, but this actually proves that the workout really works and your body is not really in a good shape. Yet. Indeed, muscle soreness is seriously unpleasant, but is actually completely normal and manageable. You just need to know how to properly manage it. This is why we’ll give you the best tips to minimize muscle soreness, that will help you feel better, faster:


The most important way to minimize muscle soreness is rolling, that is more effective than stretching. It helps detesionate the muscles and decrease the intensity of sore spots. Rolling is more like a self-massage for your body when using a foam roller, that helps with DOMS (Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness). To foam roll, place the roller on the floor underneath the sore muscle and slowly roll your body over it.


Stretching immediately after the workout when the muscles are warm, will help you also to prevent muscle getting tighter over time. Stretch until you feel a slight pull and then hold that position for 30-90 seconds.

3. ICE

Ice bags, together with cold shower reduces inflammation by decreasing blood flow. Therefore, if you apply cold right after your electro muscle-stimulation training, you can slow the inflammation process and reduce soreness.


L-Glutamine is the best supplement for post workout muscle recovery and soreness. It’s an essential amino acid that our body contains and taking this supplement will help you reduce the inflammation after an intense workout at Easy Fit EMS studio.


As a rule of thumb, complementing your workout with the right diet = success. This is why you need to make sure you take your macro- and micro-nutrients daily from your meals. In fact, everything that pushes out the lactic acids from your muscles will help, but also to having an active lifestyle will make soreness to be lightly felt.

Here are 5 of the best foods that help sore muscles:

  • – Tart cherries — rich in colorful antioxidant compounds and anthocyanins, they decrease excess inflammation;
  • – Pineapple — can help reduce inflammation;
  • – Turmeric — researches show that curcumin helped reduce the pain associated with DOMS;
  • – Eggs — with each egg, you get six grams of protein;
  • – Salmon — the omega-3 fatty acids found in salmon can translate into lower levels of delayed onset muscle soreness.

Follow these 5 great ways to reduce muscle soreness after your EMS workout and feel better faster! Your personal EMS trainer will provide more secrets, depending on your lifestyle!