GET MORE strength, power and muscle mass with the help of electro stimulation

With Easy Fit and Miha Bodytec in each movement we are activating all body muscles, which stabilize the hole body . The core is the area from the pelvis to the chest, also including all soft structures of this area (muscles, ligaments and skeleton).
Strength training offers many variations of movements in all angles that will activate many muscles groups, each training is individualized depending on everybody’s needs.
“Lets work on maximal strength, on explosive strength and muscle endurance! ”
People who do not exercise can lose up to 40% of their physical strength before the age of 65. This is not a natural consequence or a sign that you are getting older, it is the price to pay for spending the most time at the computer or on the couch, having a sedentary lifestyle.
“This helps to imitate specific movements of any sport in that way we are increasing strength and endurance.”

With EMS training Dubai you gain rapid strength in a shorter period of time. In fact 20 minutes per week is all it takes to a healthier, stronger, you! Individual adjustment of intensity, duration and frequency helps achieve personal training goals quickly, effectively and consistently – no matter whether it’s increasing maximum strength or improving endurance and overall fitness levels.

Based on your profile and your fitness level according to the results of our small test that you take when you arrive at our studio, we developed a custom program of resistance training, aerobic conditioning, balance and agility, plus techniques based on flexibility.
We all know that to be strong and have an athletic body isn’t always easy, until now! However, there are many obstacles that stop most people trying to gain muscle mass of traditional forms, one of them is time, with us you will spend only 20 minutes per week to have the body that you always wanted!

Every single reason is pushing you to go and try the EMS Training for strength improvement. The fact that you have to perform hours of intense training every week for months to gain some muscle. Many people do not have the time or the patience to achieve this.

  • the multitude of myths, misconceptions and lies about what you have to do to get a muscular, strong and lean body. Besides the quantity of strong (and not so strong) that spread types. Causing uncertainty and inaction and therefore no results
  • weight training may be few effective, even dangerous(if you do not have a perfect technique). It involves a lot of time, patience and dedication to get proper technique, factors that many people simply do not have
  • joint problems, not being able to workout in normal conditions in a gym, can cause to the loss of strength and of course to start gaining weight

Our strength research


miha-bodytec-elche80 sport students were assigned in equal numbers to training groups, some carried out classical training programmes such as hypertrophy, maximum strength, speed and endurance exercises, others used the modern training methods of full body EMS and vibration, a 3rd group used programmes that combined either full body EMS and hypertrophy or vibration and hypertrophy. Training groups using classical methods worked on machines for leg extensions and leg bending muscles and working with different weights (30- 90%). The EMS groups did lunges and squats without additional weights (60% intensity). The training took place twice a week for 4 weeks. Separate output and input tests were undertaken before and after the training as well as after a regeneration phase of two weeks. The dynamic of the performance was measured (strength x speed) using a 40 % and 60 % additional weight loading and varying angles.


TheBanner-extra-1280-malere was a significant increase in maximum strength for all types of trainings. The best results were reached by the hypertrophy group with a 16% increase of maximal strength, followed by the EMS group with 9-10% increase. However, only the EMS group achieved a significant increase in speed. The measured speed performance improved by about 30 %, which was considerably better than the results in the classic training groups that only increased by 16-18%. The proposed reason for these results is that EMS training directly targets the fast muscle fibers. The mixed training programmes such as the combined EMS and hypertrophy training showed the typical effects as would be expected from the combined training with both stimuli (7% increase of maximal strength and 12% increase of performance).



Dynamic full body EMS training with miha bodytec machines proved to be a highly effective means of increasing strength and speed as compared to other training methods. Full body
EMS training was the only training method that succeeded in improving the speed factor within the overall performance. In addition, the results achieved by this training methodology open up new possibilities for frequency and duration of training. The regular use of EMS training in combination with dynamic movement is a promising combination for improved strength, endurance and speed work.

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