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As we promised in our previous article with diet tips, “What to Eat Before Your EMS Workout“, here’s part II: What to Eat After EMS Workout. Lohan Coetzee, Professional and Qualified Fitness Coach, decided to write this article to explain a few very important aspects you need to understand before you can really get the answer.

First of all, this depends a lot on your goal and what you want to achieve through EMS workout. When you’ve just finished your EMS session, your metabolism will be accelerated and your body in overdrive, because you’ve used a big amount of energy. After each EMS workout, your body needs about 30 minutes to turn back to its normal state, so you ideally want to fuel your body during this time. Whatever you eat will be pushed directly to your muscles for recovery, thus this is good energy for your body.



Here at Easy Fit, you will be working close with your experienced personal trainer. You will understand how many calories you need per day and the post workout meal will be incorporated into your required daily amount of calorie intake.


A good rule to live by is to keep it clean. If it’s natural, you can eat it without feeling guilty. There’s no point in over eating or have an unnecessary insulin spike. This is just going to cause your body to store what is not needed and it will have a negative effect on your body fat percentage.

Stay away from processed foods. Yes, ANY and ALL processed foods. Your body doesn’t understand what to do with it and it ends up in just… staying in your body and slowing down everything! Which is not what you want at all. Bottom line, keep it natural and you should be good.

Fuel your body with healthy fats such as avocado, cheese, whole eggs, nuts and coconut. Depending on your goal, you can also add a little bit of carbs — about 30% of your meal. The most important is to fuel your body with protein. It’s highly important to eat protein within 30 minutes after your EMS workout, because this will not only replenish what you’ve used, but will also keep your metabolism high (which should be the goal in any program).


Protein is the only one of the 3 (the other two are carbohydrates and fat) that can’t cause fat to be stored. Your body takes what it needs and the rest will just pass through your system. If you want to lose weight faster, keep a high protein diet and you will be amazed by the results!

A great alternative is a protein drink after your EMS session! It will help you to build muscle and tone your body. A sugar free, lactose and gluten free whey protein shake is for sure the best and the most convenient to eat after your workout. It’s a liquid that is directly absorbed. Your body takes what it needs, gets all the benefits from the ingredients, without having to go through the digestion process first. Ask your personal trainer which is the best and most preferred post workout protein shake to take and stick to that.


Don’t forget to drink lots of water after the workout to replenish the essential salts that you’ve lost during the intense EMS workout. Hydration is fundamental before and during your intense EMS workout.

Let’s recap:

  • – Fuel your body within 30 minutes after your EMS workout.
  • – Keep it natural — stay away from processed foods.
  • – Stick to protein and as an option add MAX 30% carbs to your post workout meal. Adding carbs or fats highly depends on your goal. Add these only if your personal trainer advises you to.
  • – Hydration after workout is the best. Your body gets what it needs and there’s no digestion needed. This way, your metabolism will not slow down.
  • Make these basic rules the root of your nutrition guide! This way, you will certainly be on your way to a better and healthier you, achieving great results with EMS workout!

    Lohan Coetzee
    Professional and Qualified Fitness Coach