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Going to the gym in Dubai is great…
But what if you don’t have enough time for it?

If you’ve ever said that “I don’t have enough time to work out”, EMS fitness might be the best solution to your fitness needs.

Let’s see why EMS workout is the perfect solution for those with time constraints. It’s very simple. In just 20 minutes once a week, you can achieve a complete body workout, where all your muscles are activated in a controlled contraction. Each EMS workout of only 20 minutes is just as effective as several hours of traditional training at the gym. Moreover, EMS training is 18 times more efficient than the regular workout you can get in the gym!

How does EMS Training work?

We’ll skip the technical part, but the main idea is that you are wearing a special training suit with electrodes. The suit sends electrical impulses to your muscles, making them stronger. Moreover, during an EMS training session you will be able to stimulate muscles that are frequently forgotten in traditional workout. All this happens under the close supervision of your personal trainer with experience.

How much does EMS Training cost?

Compared to the cost of a regular gym membership, and the extra cost of a personal trainer, with EMS fitness in Dubai you are paying peanuts. 🙂 EMS sessions start from only 85AED. Membership includes:
✅ Personal trainer;
✅ Personalized food plan;
✅ 20 minutes of intense training;
✅ BMI Test;
✅ Measurements;
✅ Access to all gym facilities.

So, if you are a busy individual who works in Dubai and doesn’t have time to go many hours to the gym, you might just found the perfect gym! This is the future of fitness.

Have more time to enjoy life! Spend less time in the gym and more time for you and your friends and family. Escape from daily routine. EMS fitness is the first step to do it. Try it now!

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