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Are you looking for an efficient way to lose weight? You’ve probably already heard about EMS fitness and seen some amazing EMS weight loss results. If you’re taking into consideration EMS fitness, and you want to know if and how EMS can help you lose weight, then this article is definitely for you.

The short answer to your question is yes, EMS can help you lose weight faster! Associated with a balanced nutrition, EMS is the ideal way to lose those extra kilos and achieve your ideal physique. Having a balanced lifestyle is a must — any kind of workout you do has to go along with a healthy diet. Check our diet tips for a better understanding.


Each 20-minute session of EMS training is a whole-body workout that stimulates the deep muscle tissues. The skin will get more tightened and the cellulite will also be reduced. Also, the agonist, antagonist and deeper-lying muscles are all simultaneously stimulated. In fact, you will train your body as you would in 3 hours of training in the gym, but in only 20 minutes!

Here at Easy Fit EMS studio, we provide specific guidelines that can be incorporated seamlessly into your lifestyle to reach the goals that you have proposed. You will be training with your own qualified personal trainer in order to get quicker results, in the most efficient way.


It’s a very simple question with a very simple answer — yes, it does! Our body has about 650 muscles that, with the technology of Electro stimulation, all of them are simultaneously activated. And how is this effective for weight loss? you might ask. Because our muscles are the ones that burn the most calories! Therefore, the higher percentage of muscles, the higher calorie burn. As a result, the more calories you burn, the more fat you will lose. Moreover, EMS boosts your metabolism, so you will burn more calories during the day.



Since starting EMS training, 1 year ago, the results have spoken for themselves. I have lost a lot of weight with EMS training – 60 kg, in conjunction with some running. I had to go shopping and buy new suits since I dropped 4 sizes!!

Easy Fit staff is very professional and friendly, and the one on one trainings really suits me to a tee. I am a very busy person, and to be ‘over and done’ in under half an hour and shoot off back to work fits beautifully into my busy lifestyle.

I can happily recommend Easy Fit to all, it’s the best workout for losing weight!

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Losing weight safely and effectively does not have to be complicated, that’s why our program is simple — a perfect blend of exercise and diet that will help you lose weight and improve and maintain your overall health.