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2019 Summer Transformation Program in
20 minutes training and Unlimited Sessions

Start for only 95AED with a Personal Trainer

“We make every minute count”

ramadam kareem

Unlimited Sessions on all memberships

Start for 95AED only

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Getting Fit Takes Only 20 Minutes of training!

Weight Loss

EMS adds to a long-term weight reduction and increases the fat burning. The EasyFit training program is coordinated to your goals. Common problem areas are waist, hip and thigh. With directed training fat burning can be increased in those areas and an even more weight reduction can be achieved. Your personal nutrition plan is a reasonable addition for Easy Fit-Training.

can ems fitness help you lose weight

Unlimited Sessions on all memberships

Start for 95AED only

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Body Shaping

EMS Fitness uses Electro muscle stimulation to achieve stronger and more intense muscle contractions than a voluntary exertion can achieve alone. Depending on intensity and individual goals, you can build muscles and achieve better definition while also making them stronger and more responsive. Your muscles simply become more efficient. With Easy Fit EMS Dubai we are working more than 90% from our muscles, compared with the gym where the muscle is working just 30%.

18 Times more effective than conventional workout!

Average results in 3 months

9% bodyfat lose
30% Increase strength
34% Increase Muscle endurance
92% from muscles are working
88% from the users had no more back pain

Improved circulation

EMS training enhances circulation through all connective tissue which helps improve skin tone; the removal of metabolic byproducts and toxins in the lymph glands. It also helps stimulate internal organs and peristalsis. Wellbeing made easy!

Workout 20 minutes, once a week!

  • Lose Weight
  • Shape your body
  • Build Lean Muscles
  • Burn 800+ calories
  • Reduce Back Pain
  • Reduce cellulite
  • No Joint Stress
  • Increase Strength
  • Improved Performance Levels
  • Activate all your body muscles

How does it work?

At Easy Fit we are training all your 650 muscles at very high intensity and reach the maximum level and performance of burning fat. This will boost the weight loss and your metabolism. We are activating all your 650 muscles and transform your body in a fat burning machine! Losing weight is easier than ever before with our German high Technology and certificated trainers.

Do it Short and Effective!

  • Each training lasts only 20 minutes!
  • Each training is carefully supervised by a professional Personal Trainer
  • Each training you are activating 650 muscles
  • Each training you are working 92% from the muscle potential
  • Each training it’s 18 times more effective than conventional workout
  • Each training you do a FULL BODY WORKOUT

Unlimited Sessions on all memberships

Start for 95AED only

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