EMS training from EAST FIT is a full body workout that doesn’t only target one specific muscle group. You’ll always train under the guidance of a personal trainer who can activate each muscle according to your goals and needs. Another essential difference is that the EAST FIT EMS device is able to stimulate the agonist and antagonist muscles simultaneously. This means you are able to activate multiple muscle groups at the same time. Deeper muscle tissue, which is often underused due to the dominance of the bigger muscles, is also activated to a higher degree in comparison to conventional tele-EMS or weight training in a gym. From a technical perspective, EAST FIT training is based on a bipolar impulse mode, which allows for the whole muscle to contract, while other EMS training devices often operate using a unipolar impulse mode. This form of whole body training, combined with our selected exercises and a personal trainer, leads to effective and quick training results.

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